This blog is about me, my ME, and what has now been diagnosed as Ehlers Danlos syndrome.  I was a professional artist who suddenly developed severe symptoms back in the beginning of 2009.  I used to run my life at 150 miles an hour, and now I am mainly housebound and sometimes bed bound as a result of this illness. I live in Somerset with my husband, my two sons and his son. I am no longer able to work or paint and rarely leave the house.

As such I am writing this blog to share my experiences of this dreadful illness and I hope to be able to reach out to other ME  and Ehlers Danlos  (EDS)  sufferers who I may help from knowing that they are not alone.I also like to write about my experiences with various treatments and sharing memories of my ‘past life’ as an artist along with health, food and family issues I feel compelled to write about.

Please feel free to comment, I am very interested to know your views and experiences too.

Paula Carnell



  1. Paula,
    I see that you EFT and other alternative methods. I think you would be interested in the “Resources” listed on my blog. (If I have suggested this to you already – forgive me – I’m not clear headed at the moment!) These methods have taken me from sleeping 20 hours a day to being able to work 80% of full time. There are methods that work!


  2. Paula, for some reason I can’t reply on your recent post of your recent diagnosis. I get bumped to a different website. ALL of the symptoms that you outline, I have had before. Dr. Tom, using the methods I outline on my blog was able to address them. For example, I’ve had my flight or response stuck on “on.” (Horrible feeling isn’t it?) He was able to turn it off. As well as all the rest you outline. I just wanted you to know that there are methods that really wiork because they get to the heart of the matter instead of addressing symptoms. I recommend TBM, NIS, and NET methods. I know you would be amazed at the foundational changes these would make in your body. I am proof that they work. As you know, I’ve gone from sleeping 20 hours a day to working full time.


    • Thank you so much for your reply Pepper. I have NO IDEA why I can’t get comments to be left where I want them!! Any tips gratefully received! I am so pleased that Dr Tom has helped you so significantly. I shall have another look at all the treatments you recommend. I am very happily under the guidance of my herbalist and Tibetan medicine expert Lucy Jones and she has already made vast improvements in my health and wellbeing so I am certainly not feeling as ‘stuck’ as I was several months ago. It has made a huge difference to me getting the correct diagnosis and as you know only too well, illness is far more complex than just ‘sticking plaster’ treatments. I have every intention of getting to the root of it all and re programming my body for health! I have been on quite a journey over the past five and a half years trying all kinds of treatments and therapies, and i look forward to having the energy to get my blog up to date and share my experiences.


  3. So sorry to hear of your illness ,it’s worse when you are still young, You may remember Sylvia and myself from
    the Ropewalk Gallery . Sylvia died in 2013 and I have Heart problems . I still Paint although Exhibitions are
    getting too much for me
    After Sylvia died I thought my life had come to an end I was suicidal but painting pulled me back to sanity
    I have a shaky right hand but it is amazing what you can do with your left.
    I do feel so sorry as you are an exceptional Artist


    • Dear Ron, how lovely to hear from you! I have often thought of you and Sylvia after I saw you just before I fell ill. I am so sorry to hear about Sylvia ‘s passing, the past three years must have been heartbreaking for you.
      I’m so glad that you still paint and it gives you comfort. When I could no longer paint I decided to focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t, and have really enjoyed my bees, studying herbal medicine and learning to sew. Now I’m busy again with Carnell’s of Castle Cary selling Greg’s cider & loving my weekly ‘pop up Paula’ stall at the market! I did love having the gallery and meeting everyone. Life is good but a constant reminder about remembering to take care of myself and my body.
      I hope you do that too!


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